#6 3rd country bidders’ access to the EU market & Academic research stays

In today’s episode, we discuss a highly politically charged topic of 3rd country access to the EU market. For this purpose, we consider the current EU legal framework as well as proposed since 2012 International Procurement instrument. Also, we comment on the new European Commission’s white paper on foreign subsidies and especially it’s module 3 with propositions for public procurement. For dessert, we consider the value of research stays abroad, and we discuss what some of the important factors to consider are. (More? Click here)

#5 Non-institutionalised cooperation after Stadt Köln & Cooperation in academia

In today’s episode, we discuss the tricky concept of non-institutionalised cooperation and its relationship with EU public procurement law. For this purpose, we consider the recent ruling of the CJEU in the case of Stadt Köln. In this case, the CJEU made significant headway in clarifying some aspects of article 12(4) Directive 2014/24/EU for the first time. For desert, we stick to the theme of cooperation and discuss it in light of its role in academia. (More? Click here)

#4 Framework Agreements following Coopservice & Doing a PhD in Public Procurement

In this episode of Bestek, we discuss framework agreements. Some would say a “ hot topic” of late, particularly following a CJEU judgment in case C-216/17. We consider what changes to the interpretation of the law this judgment brought. For the happy fun dessert time, we are ‘dishing’ about PhD in public procurement. What would be some advice that we would give to younger selves or our younger colleagues? (More? Click here)

#3 The EU Green Deal in light of public procurement law & Academic life after COVID-19

In this episode of Bestek, we discuss a topic that is very close to both of our own research projects: sustainable public procurement . We look at this subject through the lens of the newly introduced European Green Deal and what changes it introduces. For desert, we are ‘dishing’ about academic life after COVID 19. Will we still travel to conferences? If not, why we might miss it? (More? Click here)

#2 Regular procurement in COVID-19 times & Academic mentors

In episode #2, we continue the discussion about COVID-19 related issues. We consider how the issue of ‘urgency’ is interpreted, and at which point it cannot be relied upon aymore. Also, how are ‘regular’ procurements (meaning not healthcare related)  affected by the circumstances of COVID-19? We discuss how regular procurements that are still to be launched, procurements that are currently in the mids of the process, or procurement contracts that have already been awarded, are affected and what kind of assistance can be found in the legal interpretation of the public procurement rules. For the happy fun dessert time, we chat about the role of mentorship and our ambition to be mentors for our students. (More? Click here)

#1 COVID-19 responses to public procurement in the EU & Academic life in these times

In episode #1, we critically discuss the Commission guidance on COVID-19 and public procurement, and what we think are some of the challenges that contracting authorities face these days. Also, we discuss the approaches taken by some of the Member States to address the COVID 19. For the happy fun dessert time, we chat about academic life and especially teaching online in these times. (More? Click here)

#Trailer: No, we did not open a restaurant

In this Trailer, we explain why we did not open a restaurant, but in fact started a podcast on public procurement law, our love of food and our milestones and struggles in academic life (More? Click here)

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